VirtualBox 3.0 Beta 1 vydán

Kromě stabilní verze Sun xVM VirtualBox
 vyšla také první beta verze Sun xVM VirtualBox 3.0 Beta
 obsahující celkem zásadní nové vlastnosti:

  • Podpora až 32 virtuálních procesorů ve virtuálních strojích (pouze
    s technologií Intel VT-x/AMD-V)
  • Virtuální stroje s Windows: možnost spouštět aplikace používající
    Direct3D 8/9 nebo hry (experimental)
  • Podpora OpenGL 2.0 pro virtuální stroje s OS Windows, Linux nebo

Následující položky byly v tomto vydání přidány nebo opraveny:

  • Virtual mouse device: eliminated micro-movements of the virtual mouse which
    were confusing some applications (bug #3782)
  • Solaris hosts: allow suspend/resume on the host when a VM is running
    (bug #3826)
  • Solaris hosts: tighten the restriction for contiguous physical memory under
    certain conditions
  • VMM: fixed occassional guru meditation when loading a saved state
    (VT-x only)
  • VMM: eliminated IO-APIC overhead with 32 bits guests (VT-x only, some Intel
    CPUs don’t support this feature (most do); bug #638)
  • VMM: fixed 64 bits CentOS guest hangs during early boot (AMD-V only;
    bug #3927)
  • VMM: performance improvements for certain PAE guests (e.g. Linux 2.6.29+
  • GUI: added mini toolbar for fullscreen and seamless mode (Thanks to
    Huihong Luo)
  • GUI: redesigned settings dialogs
  • GUI: allow to create/remove one host-only network adapters
  • GUI: display estimated time for long running operations (e.g. OVF
  • GUI: Fixed rare hangs when open the OVF import/export wizards
    (bug #4157)
  • VRDP: support Windows 7 RDP client
  • Networking: fixed another problem with TX checksum offloading with Linux
    kernels up to version 2.6.18
  • VHD: properly write empty sectors when cloning of VHD images
    (bug #4080)
  • VHD: fixed crash when discarding snapshots of a VHD image
  • VBoxManage: fixed incorrect partition table processing when creating VMDK
    files giving raw partition access (bug #3510)
  • OVF: several OVF 1.0 compatibility fixes
  • Shared Folders: sometimes a file was created using the wrong permissions
    (2.2.0 regression; bug #3785)
  • Shared Folders: allow to change file attributes from Linux guests and use
    the correct file mode when creating files
  • Shared Folders: fixed incorrect file timestamps, when using Windows guest
    on a Linux host (bug #3404)
  • Linux guests: new daemon vboxadd-service to handle time syncronization and
    guest property lookup
  • Linux guests: implemented guest properties (OS info, logged in users, basic
    network information)
  • Windows host installer: VirtualBox Python API can now be installed
    automatically (requires Python and Win32 Extensions installed)
  • USB: Support for high-speed isochronous endpoints has been added. In
    addition, read-ahead buffering is performed for input endpoints (currently Linux
    hosts only). This should allow additional devices to work, notably webcams
  • NAT: allow to configure socket and internal parameters
  • Registration dialog uses Sun Online accounts now