VMware Workstation 6.5.0 Beta, build 110068 vydán

Opět tu máme bez oznámení další build VMware Workstation
6.5. Připomínám jen že se stále jedná o beta verzi, takže kromě toho
že je zdarma tak může obsahovat chyby (i když jich už je zatím docela

Co je nového?

Souhrn co je nového oproti předchozímu buildu opět neexistuje takže jen
telegraficky co jsem vypozoroval: 

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 – plná (oficiální)
    podpora všech verzí Windows Server 2008 s nebo bez Hyper-V.
  • Virtual machine streaming – You can now download a
    virtual machine from a Web server and power it on without waiting for the
    download to complete. Use the command-line startup command (vmware for
    Workstation or vmplayer for VMware Player) with the URL of the virtual machine.
    The download can also be paused and restarted. Note that this feature is not
    available for ACE instances.
  • Networking performance using NAT — You will see
    significant improvements in networking performance if a virtual machine is
    configured to use NAT. Performance is ten times better than in the previous
    release in some cases.
  • Folder sharing and dragging, dropping, copying, and pasting text and
     — Transferring files between virtual machines or between host
    and guests using these features is up to 25 percent faster.
  • USB devices — Several optimizations have reduced latency
    of I/O to USB devices by as much as 50 percent.
  • I/O performance — A new asynchronous I/O manager
    boosts performance on Windows hosts under heavy I/O loads.
  • VMCI performance — Applications that make use of VMCI
    will see a significant increase in throughput. Several optimizations have
    been added.
  • New virtual hardware version — This new hardware version
    lets you use the following new features if the guest operating system supports
    them: Add or remove some virtual devices while the virtual machine is powered on
    („hot-plug“). Use LSI Logic SAS (serial attached SCSI) adapters in the
    virtual machine. Hot-add virtual CPUs and memory to guests that support this
    functionality. For virtual machines with this hardware version, 3-D graphics
    capabilities are enabled by default for Windows 2000 and later guest operating
    systems and most Linux guests.

Stáhnout VMware Workstation 6.5.0 Beta, build 110068

Serial Key pro VMware Workstation 6.5.0

  • Windows: 04J3K-025L0–0R025–40M85
  • Linux: 04J97–08NT0–0R12N-48120