VMware Workstation 6.0.0, build 45731 ke stažení

Po čtyřech betaverzích dnes VMware vydal finální verzi VMware
Workstation 6.0.0, build 45731. Nová verze oprotí předchozí betě
v podstatě nic nového neobsahuje, jsou opraveny pouze drobné chyby.

Jaké jsou rozdíly VMware Workstation 6 oproti staré verzi 5.5 ?

  • Support for High-Speed USB 2.0 Devices
  • Multiple Monitor Support
  • Integrated Virtual Debuggers
  • Run Virtual Machines in the Background
  • Increased RAM Support
  • Virtual Machines Can Act as VNC Servers
  • Record/Replay of Virtual Machine Activity (Experimental)
  • Easy Upgrade or Downgrade of VMware Virtual Machines
  • Automation Via Expanded VIX 1.1 API
  • Physical-to-Virtual Conversion and Enhanced Import Functionality (Windows
    Hosts Only)
  • Automatic Upgrade to the Latest Version of VMware Tools
  • Appliance View for Virtual Appliances
  • Enhanced File Sharing and Copy and Paste Functionality
  • Performance Improvements for Shared Folders with Linux Guests
  • Cross-Platform Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  • New Online Help System
  • Battery Information Is Now Reported in the Guest
  • Support for Paravirtualized Linux Kernels
  • User Interface for Mapping a Virtual Disk to a Drive Letter on the
    Windows Host
  • Improved 64-bit Guest Support
  • New 64-bit Sound Driver
  • Virtual Machine Communication Interface (Experimental)
  • Enhanced virtual keyboard on Windows hosts
  • VMware Player 2.0

Workstation Release Notes 6

VMware Workstation
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