Innotek VirtualBox 1.5.6 ke stažení

Nová verze VirtualBox 1.5.6 je především ve znamení oprav. Z nových
vlastností se dá vyzdvihnout snad jen podpora virtuální síťové karty
Intel PRO 1000 Ethernet, vylepšená kompatibilita se Solarisem, vylepšená
kompatibilita při práci s celým diskem ve virtuálním stroji, podpora
sdílených složek jen pro čtení a podpora režimu spánku.

Všechny změny:

  • GUI: fixed several error messages
  • GUI: fixed registration dialog crashes once and for all
  • GUI: really ask before resetting the VM
  • GUI: release mouse and keyboard before the host activates the
  • GUI: fixed issue with license display on big screens
  • GUI: added setting for network name for internal networks
  • GUI: added setting for network device type
  • GUI: keyboard fixes
  • GUI: seamless mode and fullscreen mode fixes
  • GUI: fixed soaked hostkey keyup event under certain conditions
  • GUI: more informative message dialog buttons
  • GUI: VM selector context menu
  • VBoxSDL: added -termacpi switch
  • VBoxSDL: fixed automatic adaption of the guest screen resolution to the
    size of the VM window
  • VMM: under heavy guest activity, for example when copying files to/from a
    shared folder, the VM could crash with an assertion
  • VMM: added an option to select PIIX4 (improves compatibility with Windows
    guests created by VMware)
  • VMM: fixed a bug which could lead to memory corruption under rare
  • VMM: improved performance of Solaris guests
  • VRDP: fixed a 1.5.4 regression: VRDP client and server were out-of-sync if
    the VM was started using the GUI
  • VRDP: proper error handling if the VRDP library could not be loaded
  • VBoxManage: fixed crash during clonevdi
  • VBoxManage: added ’list runningvms’ command
  • VBoxManage: improved the compatibility when reading the partition table of a
    raw disk
  • Shared Folders: added support for read-only shared folders
  • Shared Clipboard: several fixes
  • Network: experimental support for E1000 device emulation
  • iSCSI: better check for misconfigured targets
  • iSCSI: allow to directly attach to internal networks with integrated mini
    IP stack
  • PulseAudio: don’t hang during VM initialization if no sound server is
  • VDI: fixed sized virtual disk images are now completely written during
    creation to workaround buggy sparse file handling on some OS (e.g. Vista)
  • VDI/VMDK: prevent indexing of .vdi and .vmdk files on Windows hosts
  • RDP: fixed compilation of the Linux rdesktop client on newer Linux
  • RDP: install rdesktop-vrdp on Linux hosts
  • ACPI: added sleep button event
  • Serial: proper handling of inaccessible host devices
  • Windows installer: allow smooth upgrade without deinstallation
  • Linux installer: fixed Slackware detection regression
  • Linux installer: updated VBoxTunctl allowing to assign a tap device to a
    group on Linux kernels > 2.6.23
  • Windows additions: several fixes, in particular for Windows NT4
  • Linux additions: fixed installer for Kubuntu 8.04
  • Linux additions: add default video mode for handling video mode hints from
    the host
  • Linux host: compatibility fixes with Linux > 2.6.24

VirtualBox 1.5.6 x86 Windows

VirtualBox 1.5.6 x64 Windows (oficiálně podporovány pouze Windows XP
Professional x64 Edition)

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