Innotek VirtualBox 1.5.0 ke stažení

Všechny programy se neustále vyvíjí a tak i VirtualBox již existuje
v nové verzi 1.5.0. Tato poměrně výrazná verze obsahuje velké množství

Co asi ocení nejvíce především uživatelé – začátečníci je
podpora více jazyků včetně již integrovaného překladu českého
prostředí v instalaci. Někteří také ocení podporu platformu x64 pro
Windows systémy a nebo přidání podpory sériových portů (COM).

Celý výpis:

VirtualBox 1.5.0 (released 2007–09–03)

  • Major: Seamless windows
  • Major: Virtual serial ports
  • Major: Support for 64-bit Windows hosts
  • Major: Intel PXE 2.1 network boot
  • Major: Guest Additions for IBM OS/2 Warp
  • GUI: sometimes two mouse cursors were visible when Windows guest additions
    became active
  • GUI: added VT-x/AMD-V settings
  • GUI: disable ‚Show log…‘ menu entry to prevent crash if VM list
    is empty
  • GUI: the log window grabbed the keyboard
  • GUI: fixed error handling if Linux host clipboard
    initialization fa­ils
  • GUI: pass the Pause key and the PrtScrn key to the guest (Linux hosts)
  • GUI: increased maximum guest RAM to 2 GB (Windows host)
  • GUI: improved rendering performance (Windows host)
  • GUI: status lights for USB and shared folders
  • GUI: properly respect the DISPLAY environment variable
  • GUI: download Guest Additions from in case they are not
    present locally
  • VRDP: support for multimonitor configurations in Windows guests
  • VRDP: support for MS RDP6 and MS RDP Mac clients
  • VRDP: added support for WinConnect RDP client
  • VRDP: performance improvements
  • VRDP: fixed sporadic client disconnects
  • VBoxManage: never delete existing target during clonevdi
  • VBoxManage: properly print the size of currently used hard disks
  • VMM: fixed Xandros Desktop 4.1 hang
  • VMM: fixed VT-x/AMD-V hang with newer versions of gcc (Linux hosts)
  • VMM: improved stability of VT-x
  • VMM: check for disabled AMD-V when detecting support
  • VMM: fixed AMD-V issue when running OS/2 guests
  • VMM: fixed application startup regressions (e.g. VideoReDo)
  • VMM: fixed regression that broke disk access in OS/2 and OpenBSD guests
    (possibly much more)
  • VMM: fixed crashes if memory allocation failed (Linux)
  • VMM: fixed enabling of Local APIC on AMD hosts (fixed Ubuntu Feisty
    installation kernel hang during boot)
  • VMM: fixed XFree86 4.3 (Debian/Sarge) segfaults when switching to
    text mode
  • VMM: refuse to start when KVM is active (Linux Host)
  • VMM: fixed bootup hangs with ReactOS
  • VMM: fixed out-of-memory errors under certain environments with enough
    appropriate memory available
  • API: fixed occassional crashes of the VBoxSVC server during VM shutdown
    (Linux host)
  • API: some components were not notified when mounting a CD/DVD
  • VMDK: improve geometry compatibility with existing VDMK images
  • IDE/Floppy: optionally make non-available host device non-fatal
  • IDE: improve emulation accuracy of the IRQ line between master and
    slave drive
  • IDE: guest could freeze when unmounting the CD/DVD drive
  • VGA: several text mode fixes in particular with Windows DOS boxes
  • USB: fixed some issues with Windows hosts
  • USB: fixed race condition between udev and USB filters (Linux host)
  • Shared Folders: reversed network provider order to increase mapping
    performance (Windows guest)
  • Shared Folders: browsable from Windows Explorer (Windows guests)
  • Shared Folders: stability fixes (Windows guest)
  • Shared Folders: case sensitivity fixes (Windows guest and Linux host)
  • Audio: fall back to the NULL audio driver if no voice could be opened
  • NAT: fixed crash
  • Guest Additions: reworked the shared clipboard for Linux hosts and guests
    based on user feedback about problems with individual applications
  • Guest Additions: don’t allow to disable mouse pointer integration for Linux
    guests as an Xorg hardware mouse cursor cannot be turned into a software
    mouse cursor
  • Guest Additions: Linux guests shipping Xorg 1.3 (e.g. Fedora 7, Ubuntu
    Gutsy) are now supported
  • Guest Additions: added DirectDraw support to the Windows
    display driver

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