DOSBox 0.73 ke stažení

Před dvěma dny po dlouhé pauze konečně vyšla nová verze emulátoru
klasického operačního systému MS-DOS ve verzi 0.73. 

Změny a nové funkce

  • Add two new opl2+opl3 emulators. (better speed, different implementation
  • Improved DRO recording/better file structure.
  • Add EGA emulation.
  • Add special vga machine mode. Supports more of the exotic tricks like
    changing the palette during screen updates, 9×16 fonts etc.
  • Added special machine modes for the following svga cards:
    • S3
    • Paradise
    • Tseng
  • Fix problems with the vga split line feature.
  • Improve vesa emulation.
  • Add optional selection of old vesa mode for games that don’t work with
    certain vesa features.
  • Improve video BIOS emulation to behave more like a real bios.
  • Fixes for emulated 4bpp graphics modes.
  • Fixes to paging system.
  • Various fixes and improvements for the recompiling core.
  • Add arm backend for the recompiling core.
  • Add some mscdex quirks when dealing with files that are exactly
    8.3 long.
  • Small fixes to batch file handling.
  • Small fixes to the XMS memory handling.
  • Various fixes for aligned memory on hosts that want it.
  • Various improvements to the mouse.
  • Fixes and small speed ups to the debugger.
  • Fix and improve lot’s of compilation problems. (curses detection, GCC
    3.4 and GCC 4.X fixes)
  • Added some basic auto keyboard layout handling. (windows only
  • Add basic support for evdev keyboard driver.
  • Various fixes to the timer. (improve mode 2 timer changes, implement mode
    1, improve gate2 handling)
  • Add audio extraction and mci audio support. Should enable CDROM audio for
    Vista and adds volume control.
  • Improve the directory cache speed a lot, especially with mounting slow media
    like network paths.
  • Various fixes to the create temporary file call.
  • Don’t keep batchfiles open during execution. Allows rewriting of the active
    batchfile. (menu programs use this trick sometimes)
  • Fix problems with filenames with 2 extensions.
  • Add some more lowlevel dos tables.
  • Fixes to hercules emulation.
  • Fix flag handling for special case of ROR.
  • Make the batchfile handling in regard to IF more flexible.
  • Fixes to scrolling/panning feature.
  • Add prefetch queue emulation.
  • Make the emulated cpu type selectable. This is mainly the identification
    commands and the way paging works.
  • Some special EMS functionality added. (OS handles, zero-page handling)
  • Improve support for EMS when booting a different OS.
  • Improve cdrom speed detection by games.
  • Improve stability of cycle guessing code, when there is background
  • Fix various mscdex and cdrom detection schemes.
  • Added Coremidi support on Mac OS X.
  • Improve support for DOS devices when used to detect the existance of
    directories in various ways.
  • Add IRQ 2 emulation on VRET. (ega only)
  • Added video parameter table and video state functionality.
  • Increase default freespace to 250 MB.
  • Some fixes to the fat filesystem handling for disk images.
  • Some soundblaster fixes and command additions.
  • Fix mixer 16bit direct transfers on bigendian hosts.

Česká verze DOSBox

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drobných vylepšeních.